Charles Manson original etter printed out from the defunct ATWA website. Letter is dated Sept. 20th, 1999. Letter type opener cut appears on the mailfold and appears to have been done by the mailroom when they opened his mail. Does not effect signature.

The letter reads, "It would take more time than I have to play faces with people who playact with lies.... I believe God will be much worse on the unreal as they are on themselves each day as they create more guilt, fear, and hate.  Thirty years I've been punished, not for what I did, but for what people needed to balance the fear and confusion going on in between their ego games.

Over thirty years I told you I broke no law, yet you keep lying and say I was given a fair trial in court, and because I got no school in my brain you play me for fool. The reason I don't write and try to help myself in what's called "you people" is because it's used and mixed up with all the confusion "you people" play with your fears for money and past implants from the same twisted school heads who would eat earth and or anyone else before they would bend to God's will.  They would spend 2000 more years running from themselves before being in God and God being in them.  They run on fear-based teachings coming from wars and schools where they hide and won't accept anyone with a brain unless it's got papers signed by dead people.  

I've retired fifty years of lunch buckets and seen you grow up, eat your children's minds, and retire lunch bucket after lunch bucket.  You lock your best servant up because you fear the other side.  You're playing with past mind sets.  Thirty years and I've not met four people who could set and talk to me looking in my eyes.  Each finds an excuse to justify their pee-wee brains by calling someone else crazy or playing me as the evil and bad because I'm not like them.

It's not if I'm bad or did crimes, it's "We want you to be like us." And at the same time you all follow TV movie hate images to hell.  I stood up for you all and was burned, was disrespected, and fucked over more by the people of Christ.  That showed me and the millions of eyes that watch me (that) there was no lover there. So God loves the love given. He gives it right back because God is love....

I don't need school to learn what's in my own mind.  And they don't teach you how to use your brains, they teach you hot to get a job and work for the god money and come back justifying and dancing the lies and ego, will for greed etc. I don't want to be the judge.  Two P.A.'s were fired for making two black inmates cut their hair.  I want to fire the people who took the weights off the yard and are trying to cut beards and hair.

The WORD of the warden of Death Row said "Death Row is coming down now.  What must we do, as CDC, to keep you from treating us as pigs and killing us?" (The) deal was cut and set. "OK, you respect us, we respect you."

We are not dogs. We are men and would like boxes from home so we can have slippers for our feet and a bathrobe so we don't need to run naked to the shower.  (We want) some of our lives back to be as human, a radio we can change and listen to what we want and end the CDC brain.... Radio and TV would help some of the men who are confined for a long time. (We want) our music (guitar) and music programs funded by the MAC, our welfare to have a wife and visits with out a bunch of cops trying to show more manhood to convicts' wives who already killed people for disrespecting their loves ones' family.

There are those among us who would fight for God and country, and soldiers who have served are not pigs.  And CDC who respect are not pigs. They will be just as much human as they let us be. Your hat is a little off center, my crowned jewel....

You're blinded by unlove zombies who need others to feed on, and you keep my helpless because you're helpless, locked in your fear and doubts of what may happen or"What will so-and-so think?", etc. Your prison is much worse than mine.

I'm thirty years locked in cages and picked on. Why don't you give me thirty more days in my cage and take some more of the summer away from me? Has the last thirty days of my life been good for you? Has hurting me and using me to look over your doubts and fears helped you? Thirty days of my time -- one day at a time -- is about twenty years of yours.

I did wonder why earth people got old so fast.  Staying a child, I just never went to school and learned how to be a people....

Rich people get favors. Manson is rich, but not permitted to do art or send photos or art. Everything I owned was taken time after time and called "contraband." Anything I do, I'm accused of making money, like it's a sin. My life itself has been outlawed ever since my father died in the War and my mom went to prison for trying to feed me at fifteen years old.

For over fifty years I've been raised in your punishments, not for what I did or do, (but) because I'm not a bully like you. I've done nothing to no one. I owe no one, and people keep using me bad. I have learned that the rights they say you have are only if you have money or a place you were born into.  Being right is not enough. Respect is not respected as should (be). Respect is covered up by a bigger fear. Fear is big control in some minds.

P.S. - Everyone that's getting off on gun laws are not on line with ATWA. Pollution is gonna kill us all as people fight each other for bunkum plays. You can't keep playing law and order when prisons are filled with poor people that have been fighting for change in ATWA, (when) you keep claiming their efforts and running for office and making movies, and others play act our efforts for money. Money is not the answer. Covering us up, distorting -- you law and order freaks are breaking all the laws one way as they kick down on others with their misunderstandings and warped thought patterns. How can you keep destroying Manson family when you are the Manson family. Not giving us our rights don't give you rights and to keep thinking you got any more rights than Manson is pure bunk. You got the same rights you give. You get the same protection of your own life that you give life."

Signed on the top of the second page, "Charles Mac Manson".

Charles Manson 1999 ATWA Website Letter Signed