Dennis Lynn Rader Wichita, Kansas Bind Torture Killer serial murderer aka "BTK" who was captured in 2005, three decades after his killing spree began.

Two page handwritten letter dated November 4, 2014 and written on the front and back of one sheet white unlined paper with a drawing on the bottom center of the second page.
There are a total of four signatures! He has intialed each side, DLR, and at the close of the letter he has hand signed, Cave Love, Dennis, and again below with his complete addres, Dennis L. Rader.
There are several inserts enclosed including a handwritten list of what is enclosed on the back of an envelope. We cannot say for certain if all of the items listed on the BTK enclosure list is in fact included as the woman who sold us these letters had things all mixed up and all over the place.

Includes the 9" x 12" prison stamped mailing envelope postmarked November 2014 completely written by BTK and hand signed, Dennis L. Rader.

Dennis Rader 2 Page Letter and Envelope Signed With Inserts