Bruce Mendenhall serial killer and long haul truck driver known as "The Prosti-Shooter", "The Rest Stop Killer" and "The Truck Stop Killer".  He was arrested at a TA truck stop in Nashville, TN on July 12, 2007.
Convicted of one murder in Tennessee. While awaiting trial, Mendenhall approached other inmates offering to pay them $15,000 to murder three associates who fingered him as a killer. He was sentenced to 30 years for conspiracy to commit murder. Mendenhall has been charged with murders in Alabama, Indiana and remains a suspect in other Tennessee killings as well as Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Mendenhall is reclusive and difficult to obtain.

Original six page handwritten letter signed, "Your Friend, Bruce".
Includes the prison stamped mailing envelope signed, "Bruce D. Mendenhall".

Bruce Mendenhall Six Page Letter and Envelope Set Both Signed


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