William Lester Suff aka Bill Suff Lake Elsinore serial killer who in 1974 was convicted, along with his wife, of beating their two year old daughter to death. Suff received a 70 year sentence but was released after he had served only 10 years. Suff was convicted of killing 12 prostitutes between 1986 and 1992. It has been alleged that Suff used one of his victims breasts in a Chili he made which won the "Riverside County Employee Chili Cook-off" contest. 

Suff''s cookbook consists of 43 photocopied pages of his personal recipes including his infamous chili recipe. Some of the other recipes included here are for Cherry-Apple Muffins, Soda Swirl Cupcakes, Western Clam Chowder, Wild Gumbo, Baked Beans Plus and pictured is his recipe for Strawberry Turnovers.

Bill Suff Recipe Cookbook